and after all that we've been through...



and after all that we've been through

i will make it up to you

i promise you"

i don't know what to say anymore

but i know for sure, its all my fault

i thought it all will be better if i close the "black parts" only for my self

but i'm wrong, i'm totally wrong

yesterday was our hard day, and i'm so sorry

never for a second i wanna hurt you

you feel like home to me

you are much more than enough for me

again, i don't know what to say anymore

i will understand what decision that you will take

like i said to you many times, follow your heart, whatever it is i will (try to) accept it

i love you, so so so much

and i'm beyond grateful for how you loving me

but again, i'm so selfish for the decision that i've made

i'm so so sorry it all feel so hurtful to you

i will never thank you enough

for your forgiveness

for your decision to give me one last chance

to fix it all

i promise

i will prove to you

that i will never let you down


Tangerang, 5 Januari 2022



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