An Indonesian, living in Jakarta. Bachelor Degree of Economic, and Master Degree of Management. First born child, A half Central Java and A half North Sumatra. I was Born on December 3rd. An Extrovert. I've always been a true Sagitarian.

An Amateur Blogger. A woman who loves Make Up so much. I just wanna share a little story about my life, my random toughts, my hobby, my friends, my experience or anything. Currently, im reading some books, journals, or even blogs about criminal psychologist. started from a blog with the first post in 2010. The name of this website is taken from my own name, Indah Savitri. Starting from devoting stories of adolescence, as time goes by and the development of the internet, the contents of this website contains review, tips, and also random toughts that are expected to provide information, inspiring, and entertain the visitor


i believe

i believe

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